God of the Low Days

Today is a low day. I’m trying in vain to write some inspirational, uplifting instruction for the children’s ministry readers and feeling like a fraud. In the world of a missionary everything is supposed to come back to God, he is supposed to be there in our struggles, there is our weakness, and most of all there to guide us forward. But sometimes his voice is such a tiny whisper it’s frankly inaudible, and we get low days.

God is still here. God is still working, and God will never leave.

If you are having a low day then stop and read that again. He is here, he can see this screen, hear your sigh, he’s walked this path before you and returned to walk it again by your side. Just because you can’t tell he is there doesn’t mean he has abandoned you.

His work is far from complete, I know it with all my heart, even when it’s hard to believe. Personally, I’m struggling with church. The people there are lovely but the last few services I’ve been to have had no children in them at all. Here I am writing kid’s ministry materials and I’ve not children to use them with. Now I know people will gently remind me that the children will come as the church grows and this is just the low point in the year for attendance, of what is a very fledgling church anyhow, but reason doesn’t always make the heart feel better. Yet he is still working, even when we can’t see it, he is working preparing for what is to come.

And God will never leave you. Now if you are anything like me then on days you wish he would, or wish you could leave him. But he can’t leave you, he can’t abandon his children any more than we can abandon the need to breathe. When God is for you then it is easy to stand tall and shout of his blessings and glorify his intervention in our lives. But it’s also true that God is there in the low days, the days when nothing really seems to move, the days when the excitement fizzes out.

There will be low days in the coming year, there will be groups launched and projects planned that will simply fall flat on the sand, others will stand firm and flourish. The children’s school year (for much of the world) has hit the rest button and while we can prepare and pray and study for this new season we must remember that God is the lord both of the abundance and of the desert.
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