Healing at the Pool (John 5) | Craft 2


This is the second craft for the Healing at the pool story, and both are very similar. Sometimes though it’s much more helpful o have a flatter version of a craft for kids to store or take away. This craft again features Bethesda pool and has a great story prompt by using the picture of the invalid before Jesus arrived printed on his mat ready to unfurl and tell his story.


To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors, glue, and the printout. I also used a pen to help me start the rolling.

For printing in Colour PDF – 1 page
For printing everything with No colour PDF – 1 page


Start by adding your colour if needed and cutting out the background. Put this to one side for later.


Take the second printout and cut out the invalid and his arm. A Jesus graphic is included but not needed for this craft, discuss with your group if you wish to use it or not!


Glue the two arm pieces together and trim if needed.

Start at the top with the column folds.



Cut out the mat and roll it up tightly.



Glue the mat onto the healed invalid inside the box shown and along part of the arm.



Glue the invalid to the background, adding the Jesus character if you wish.




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