Hero Capes | Craft


Heroes are a popular theme for many sessions, and in a recent lesson we talked about the hero’s of old and how we are the Hero’s of today. As a special treat I made these hero capes for the kids in church to have one each to take home.



You will need
– Some kind of shiney fabric, (approx 60cm per cape)
– matching thread
– a sewing machine (only need a straight stitch)
– 2cm wide ribbon (55cm per cape)
– iron on interfacing (medium weight)
– iron
– sticky back velcro
– something to make pattern with (I used a cardboard box)
– pen / tailors chalk
– dressmaking pins


Start by making a template, if you are only making one of these then work straight onto the fabric.
You need a pattern piece 90 cm long. Mark the middle point at both ends. The neck line is 30 cm and the bottom edge is 80 cm in total. This shape should then tessellate easily on the fabric.


Transfer this shape to the fabric. My fabric was 1.2m long so I had a small shape left at the end of each cape. I used the edge of the fabric to line up the bottom of the cape.


Cut the shapes out and decide how much you wish to hem. I left the bottom edge raw as it wouldn’t unravel but I hemmed both sides.


To add the neck strap cut a piece of ribbon, fold both the ribbon and the fabric marking the middle points and pin these points together. Encase the ribbon in the neck line, including the ends. By leaving a ribbon in the neck it makes the collar a little firmer.


Now comes the most tricky bit. The neckline hangs a whole lot better with a couple of 1cm darts included. Leave the middle point pin in the fabric and sew the first dart roughly at the mid point between the end of the collar and the pin.


To place the second dart, fold the collar where the pin is placed and line up the new dart with the existing dart. Sew this in place.


Take your sticky back Velcro and turn the end of the ribbon under it as you attach it.


To make your cape customisation you need to add something the children can draw on. I used iron on interfacing which allow you to draw or print onto it. I traced a small plate onto the interfacing, cut it out and ironed it onto the cape. As I had a little extra time I went round the circle with the sewing machine, but this is not necessary.




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