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How to : Heroes Series

The series is designed to be used with any age group, though it’s picture style will suit children more than youth. Each is put here as part of a lesson and so will have teachers story notes, craft, colouring page, high quality image, and games.

how-to-heroFor the teacher, the card holds all the information you need. Make sure you read it before the lesson starts. You need to find out:

(a) Where is the story in the bible? (always check if there is another account as it may use elements of both)
(b) What characteristic did the character display?
(c) Is there an element (small picture at the bottom of the card) that ties this character to a physical thing?

Simply put you need to read the bible passage(s) yourself and tell the children the story, making sure you refer to both the characteristic and the element. You can use the text on the card and in the bible as a starting point.

You will find that you have a supporting high resolution image and colouring page to go with each character. You may also find you have craft pages, worksheets, teachers notes and other things too…

Find your desired character on the Heroes page or for the rest of the lesson resources on the full lessons page.



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