The (invisible) Innkeeper | Craft 2


This invisible innkeeper is a beautiful character in a way because we have very little clue on who played this role. Whomever the relative was, distant or otherwise, we can safely cast male or female, old or young, to play the part. This craft is therefore very generic and can be used with any group familiar with the hero resources.


Print out one template page per small group or per child if you wish. You will also need standard white paper or tracing paper, a pencil, a dark felt tip pen and things to colour with. Depending on how you do this activity you may also need scissors and perhaps paper glue.

For printing in Gray-scale PDF – 1 page


Explain to the children that this template is just a guide. Using the guide we are going to make our own Christmas characters. Start by tracing the head and body, use a pencil so the lines can be rubbed away later if needed.


Add hair, clothes and any accessories you wish then go over the final lines with a dark pen. I’ve kept this one simple, but you may find you need to rub out some lines as you go if you use a lot of accessories.


Don’t forget to add your own touches like a mouth and arms, then rub out any remaining pencil marks.


Add some colour and name your character. What part did your character play in the Christmas story, the innkeeper (house owner), a relative, a shepherd, a servant..?


Alternatively use this as a paper doll by cutting each shape out and placing them on the character.




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