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Joseph & Mary (Matthew 1) | Worksheet

Joseph & MaryMary greyThe worksheet for Joseph is deliberately designed to be paired with the worksheet for Elizabeth and Mary, so one focuses of fatherhood and the other on motherhood. For that reason I’ve shown the image from the sister worksheet (in grey), if you want that worksheet you need this link

The worksheet for Joseph looks at what fatherhood is, how God changes our plans and how Joseph must have felt taking on the challenge of being Father to Jesus. The activity at the end of the sheet ties into the carpenter idea, building a crib that Joseph didn’t get to finish before leaving to Bethlehem. Please note: the bible verse is taken from the message, because the idea and language was most clearly expressed in that paraphrase, you may want older children to look up the biblical words.

To complete this worksheet the children will just need something to write with.

The PDF can be downloaded by clicking on the coloured image.



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