Josiah (2 Kings 22) | Craft


Josiah lessons usually have a scroll craft, there are loads of these on-line so I thought I’d do something different! This is a simple craft to prepare for and great for independent learners. The discovery of the scroll of the Law was not something they were looking for, just something that came into their path, but changed everything. This marble maze has only one path – form the star to the scroll – because when we reach the scroll everything changes!

This craft can be done in two ways, one uses drinking straws, the other is a purely paper construction.


You will need the template page printout on thin card for each child whichever method you are using (download template PDF here). If you want to work with paper walls then you will also need the second PDF (download walls PDF here).

The straws method is much faster and will be easier for young children. However you will need around 7 drinking straws per child.

NB: The 2 PDF pages both run rather near the edge of the page, so if you chose to print one on the ‘fit to page’ setting, make sure you do so for both!


As the drinking straw method is quickest I’ll explain that one first. Simply print out the template and attach the straws along all the double lines. The Lines are the right distance apart for thin drinking straws. If you wish you could replace the straws with craft sticks or plasticine snakes.


Time tricks for completing this one:
You will discover there is 4 sizes, but one size is used 8 times! Cut 8 the same length after 1 measurement!
Try preparing the pages with pieces of double sided sticky tape.
Make it more durable by backing on a heavy card.


If you don’t want to use straws or something sold for the walls then you can build them from card. Simply print the second page on thin card and cut out the rectangles.

You’ll notice the rectangles show a centre fold line as well as light grey glue tabs. The walls need to be folded with the glue tabs facing up as shown.


The thin rectangles marking the positions of the walls can be cut out completely or just slit down the middle. The wall pieces are quite snugly fitted into the space so don’t be surprised if you feel the need to lengthen the hole.


Finish with the side pieces. Just glue one side to the edge of the cut out square. you’ll notice none of the pieces quite touch, but the sides are sufficiently long to make it hard to leave the base attached to it’s original piece of card – don’t worry this doesn’t let the marble through.


Time tricks for completing this one:
Cut the stilts in the walls in advance
Use a ruler and a craft knife, this will make it more likely to lay flat
Use glue for the inner walls – You may think you don’t need it but it helps flatten out the piece.
Make it more durable by backing on a heavy card.




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