timed out
Sadly the strain of making such a big pack each week was simply too much.
As the need is clearly still there the site will try and provide some lectionary resources as part of it’s usual posts for the coming few weeks. There will also be some mini packs over on the Teacherspayteachers store that will be priced at only $1.




How long will this be available?
It will be available until Tuesday.

How many packs are you making?
This is the final pack.

How much does it cost?
Nothing. This site works on donations and so you don’t need to pay anything.
We won’t stop you from donating thought!

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Can I distribute this to parents?
Yes- you can send this file straight to parents in your ministry or print multiple copies.
Please do not upload it onto a website without asking permission.

Can I just download a single page or pages for just one age group?
Not at this time. If I get a lot of requests I may reconsider.

Why is the pack taken down?
Some of these lessons are a collaboration and the material is supplied on the agreement it is for one week only.

Can I access past lessons?
Generally No. You may find the material on the contributors website, or they may have yet to post it.

How are the passages chosen?
The passages are the ones set by the lectionary. This has been chosen to include the multiple denominations that use this and to tie into the church calendar.

Can I edit the file?
The file is free to print but not modify. The material is under copyright as presented.

Is this available in other languages?
Nope, sorry.

Will there be any more?
It’s unlikely this project will restart. It’s simply too much work for just one person to be sustainable producing at this rate, collaborators were amazing but ultimately it was 15 weeks of late nights and stress. Meanwhile other projects were either on hold on fell on others shoulders, that pause button needs to be released now.



Donations this month: target - $ 60

$ 17