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King Xerxes (Esther 6) | Story

King Xerxes (Esther 6) | StoryIf you want the teacher sheet then click HERE

Xerxes is today’s hero because he shows us the importance of Honouring

Essential Teachers notes:
The story of King Xerxes honouring Mordecai comes in 2 parts, this is the second – Mordecai’s story is the first. They are designed to be used over 2 weeks or over one longer lesson. Mordecai’s gift of loyalty links up with the Kings gift of Honouring.

Main Passage : Esther 6
Additional Passages : Esther 2 and the whole book!


One night the king of Persia couldn’t sleep. He tried hot milk but it didn’t work. He tried keeping his eyes closed and wrapping his blankets round him and even having his new queen Esther rub his head…. but nothing worked. He sat up in bed wondering what to do. He was getting frustrated… and that made him even more awake.

Eventually the king called for his servant to come light the candles. The king thought. “send me a girl with a voice like honey, soft and soothing, have her read the…. the…..the daily report….yes the daily report from many months ago!” the king smiled. The daily report was so boring he would soon be asleep. The servant did as he was told and soon the girl sat upon the same seat as the old man holding a thick scroll. Soon her voice filled the room;

“Entry 157 for this year:
The city of Pasargedia has sent it’s tax today, it is one week late and apologises for the delay. All taxes are present. A large shipment of grain intended for Babylon was lost in a storm when the boat sunk, more supplies have been sent for but the city requests Susa send 10,000 sacks. The royal household reports that the outer wall repair work has been completed early. The artisans have been rewarded with 10 extra pieces of gold each. Mordecai the Jew sent word of a plot to poison the king, by two of the kings officers. The officers were questioned and removed
Entry 158 for this year
Bactra report attacks on the villages……”

“Stop” shouted the king. The girl looked a little surprised but did as she was told. “The bit about the plot” said the king, “who reported it?” The girl looked back “Mordecai, the Jew.” “How was he rewarded?” asked the king “nothing has been done” said the girl. “You may go” said the king “send my servant”

The king looked worried when the servant arrived again. The king knew that when someone did something right he should be honoured with a reward. It was not right that Mordecai has never been honoured, but it was such a long time ago. He asked the servant who was in the court to help advise him how to move forward.

The Court was quiet. Haman, the man who hated the Jews and especially Mordecai had come in early and nearly bumped into the kings servant. “The king needs council, please come” the servant said and ran ahead to tell the king that his top advisor Haman was here. The king was pleased and knew Haman would know how to honour a man.

“Tell me Haman” asked the king “what should be done to a man who the king wants to honour” Now Haman thought he must be the man and so imagined the reward he would most like. “Have the man wear one of the kings robes and…” said Haman “and…and ride upon the kings horse and…” his smile grew as he imagined himself “and have an important official lead him through the streets of Susa shouting – this is what is done for men whom the king wished to honour!” “Perfect” declared the king with a smile almost as large as the one Haman was wearing. “go at once, be the important official and give this reward to Mordecai the Jew.” and at that he went back to his bedroom and fell into a deep happy sleep.

Haman’s smile vanished, Mordecai, the Jew who he hated the most of all Jews. He was to lead this Jew through the streets shouting his praise? But the king has decreed it, he must do so, and so he sent his servants to prepare.

Xerxes is today’s hero because he shows us the importance of Honouring


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