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Lesson sets : Full material from JWL


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You may notice some lessons seem to be part of a set.
Hunting for all the pieces can be fun, but sometimes you just want everything in one neat package….
Fear not, that’s just what these lesson sets are, one neat package with all the extra bells and whistles you may wish for.

Click on the pictures below to see what each package contains.
This convenience comes at a small cost, thankfully you can tailor it to your budget through Gumroad.


What benefits do the sets have over downloading the things individually?


Beautiful leaders notes allow you to sail through the lesson referencing a single page. Featuring all the usual JWL resources plus memory verses, prayer prompts and QR codes linking straight back into the on-line site.
Tinies – God’s youngest learners‘ is a resource that highlights how to adapt the existing material for your preschool / infant group – it also provides any simplified or extra pages you may need.
Dedicated Make pages have instructions printed in full with all the available crafts for each lesson appearing on a single page. Again they feature QR codes for easy access to the ‘picture by picture’ web view.

Still not sure? Have a look at this sample from the Apostles set!


PS… If you have already supported JWL with a donation and wish you’d bought a set instead there is a ‘get it free’ code for you!


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