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Little James (Luke 6) | Worksheet

Little James
This Little James worksheet looks at the 2 James’ and discusses the different things people have to offer as companions – we see the importance of everybody’s contribution while challenging ourselves to be the worthy disciples. The worksheet is best completed in small groups so the questions can be discussed. This worksheet is designed for independent readers, though it would be suitable for younger children with teacher support.

To complete the worksheet you will need something to write and draw with.

The PDF can be downloaded by clicking on the image.



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4 responses to “Little James (Luke 6) | Worksheet”

  1. where the answer key 🙂
    I love your lesson me and my mom teach Sunday School thanks so much but we couldn’t find an answer key to little James worksheet

    • There is no answer key but if it helps:
      Chosen by Jesus – yes / yes
      Name of father – Zebedee / Alphaeus
      Name of brother – John / some people believe Matthew
      The rest all there or speculation, enjoy the discussions!

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