Miriam (Exodus 2) | Games


This story of Miriam is all bout chasing the basket, keeping up with a moving object and not losing sight of it. That ties nicely into games and activities. If you are working through Moses as a series then I’ve included 2 of the games from the previous lesson on the Egyptian midwifes which would also work well and if enjoyed once could easily be repeated.


Moses baskets – This activity involves a large dish of water. Print out the pdf and fold every tab inwards to represent the basket. Place Moses inside the basket and drop it on the water all folded up. The basket should slowly open each petal to reveal the child inside. Turn this into a game by racing your baskets to see which opens the quickest, or using multiple baskets and having the children guess which one has Moses inside.


Racing along the river – Another water game this time involving making a small stream. Using a roll of metal kitchen foil create a river bed. Directly onto the foil draw using a new white board marker the basket for Moses – make sure it’s laid down thickly. Then, gently pour water over the picture and let the basket rise and float down the stream. You can give the children straws to make it into a race.


Chase it – Using a torch (or if the room is too bright then a low power laser pointer) have the children chase the light. Dependant on your group and room setup you can do this by occasionally covering the light then making it reappear or by having the light lead a child along a specific a pathway.


Where did it go? – if you are looking for a low prep solution try this version of hide the thimble type game. Hide a picture of Miriam, baby Moses or any of the characters you have met this far around the room, alternatively hide small containers to represent the basket or items that may have been on or in the water. Talk about how Miriam must have needed to be observant of where the basket went and good at spotting it from the river bank.


Obstacle course – If you have the space and equipment then go all out and do an obstacle course for the kids. this ties into Miriam running along the river bank nicely.

If you are working through Moses as a series then these two previous games for the Midwifes lessons also work well with Miriam.


Protection – This really simple card game is all about matching objects that protect us. Print then cut out the cards (click on picture for pdf) and gather items listed here. Have a child select a card then run to the pile of objects and find the right form of ‘protection’. Once found get the child to model it for the group. Talk abut how things protect us.
Items to gather :Umbrella, Scarf, Sunglasses, Inflatable, Blanket, Padlock, Torch, Fire extinguisher or toy fire engine, Apron, First aid kit, Toothbrush & Safety goggles.



Race the baby – This game requires a small pebble or object that can represent the baby. The idea of the game is for the loving family and friends to keep moving the baby before the midwife can find it. The midwife must call out a persons name and say the child’s name eg “ Aaron, Aaron, do you have the baby” Aaron then opens his hands palm side up to show if he does or doesn’t have the baby stone. The stone can be passed at any point excluding when the holders name is called. Link into the deception.






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