Mordecai (Esther 2) | Craft


This mordecai craft is a simple and yet effective way to portray the story in a memorable way. These little viewers are simple to make up and easy to customise. They work best when held up to the light, reminding us that our view of the world is best when we look to God.


Print the PDF on to acetate. The PDF has enough images for 4 viewers. This is best done with a laser printer, if you have an inkjet printer then make sure you have suitable acetate or it may NEVER dry. Cut out each set. As you can see in the picture, the printout on paper, and the cut out acetate circles look the same.


If you want you can leave your toilet roll plain, but I chose to paint mine black inside and out with blackboard paint. However you chose to decorate leave it to dry before continuing. Make 3 slits in the tube with a craft knife – these need to go half way through the tube and stop. Don’t put them too near the edge or you will lose your images!


I also added a single hole punch at the top of the tube for a piece of ribbon. It can then be worn round a child’s neck or carried on the wrist without them squashing the tube! Add the ribbon or string to the project now.


Slip the acetate slides into the holes. The orange tabs should stick out allowing you to easily line up the images. A small dot of glue can fix the images permanently in place if you so wish. As I used blackboard paint I wrote a reminder of Mordecai’s gift on the side.


Lastly find a good viewing place and enjoy. The flat photographs can’t capture the depth of this craft sadly.


If you would prefer to design your own then print the blank PDF and use permanent markers or OHP pens.

This is the design for the story of Stephen, they are available through this link




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