Mother-in-Law (Luke 4) | Games


The hero in this story is the (unnamed) Simon-Peter’s Mother-in-law. The games play on the three ideas of links to Jesus, healing and touch.

Holding on – Give the youngsters tape, paper and scissors to make paper-chains. Get the youngsters to construct a paper-chain that links everybody’s wrists together. Talk about how we all came to church because of somebody we are linked to – a family member, a friend, etc. then stand up and try to move without breaking the chain… this probably won’t last long. Say that even though we came to church because of somebody else we are each loved individually by God.

Plastering balloons – This is a messy game that can be played with water in the summer. you need at least 1 balloon per child, tape or small sticky plasters and a sharp pin. Before you give the balloons out make 3 or 4 pin holes in them. give the children a balloon and say it’s broken, but they can fix it. the game starts when you shout start and ends when either all the balloons are fully inflated, or the first balloon is fully inflated.

Who tickled me? – A quick game for those who don’t have time to prepare. make a circle and put one volunteer in the centre blindfolded. silently select one child to lightly tickle the child in the centre while saying ‘ticklie tickle who am I’ – the child then needs to guess. change people and repeat!

Band-aid (plaster) hunt – like hide the thimble meets a treasure hunt but with
band aids. Just be careful that they can be removed from where you place them. As they are found they can be stuck to the person who finds them.

Hand letters – This game must be played in pairs. Each child uses one hand and must combine it with the other child’s hand to make the shape of a letter. Have the children make the letters GEHNAIL… and then ask they to rearrange the letters they have made to tell you what the story is about today – HEALING.





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