Nicodemus (John 3) | Craft 1


This craft is an alternative to the traditional butterfly idea that often accompanies this lesson. It looks at the ridiculousness of Nicodemus’ confusion by putting his head on a babies body. It’s suitable for most children who are capable with a pair of scissors. I would recommend adult supervision for those under 12.

Print the PDF template onto paper. There are 2 sets per page. Set your printer to print 100% size, not fit to page. Alternatively, there is a PDF template with a QR code so you can refer back to the photographs if you get stuck.


You will also need a glue stick, scissors, and a matchbox. The printout contains condensed instructions and illustrations to help you.

Cut around the shapes, the solid lines are for cutting and the dotted lines are for folding. Cut roughly round the head as it’s size doesn’t matter too much.


Glue the illustration of the babies body to the inside matchbox tray. Fold the adult body piece and apply glue to the back of the flaps.


Attach the small tab to the end of the tray, gluing it to the floor.


Slide the tray slightly into the holder and attach the large tab to the outside of the matchbox top.


Allow to dry and check the mechanism works. Lightly push the adult body, bending it inside the box, then alternative siding the tray out a little way from either sides.


Take the small square and fold so that it resembles the illustration. Make sure the folds are creased really well. If you have younger children do this for them. It’s no more complex than folding the paper in half 4 times.


Fold and glue the wrapper onto the box. Make sure the words are on the bottom and the blank side with a cross is on top.


Glue one square side to the back of the head, line the folded point up with the middle of the eyes


Glue the opposite square side to the box lining up the point with the cross. Glue the head on so it is facing sideways.


Lightly spin the head allowing the paper beneath to fold and unfold. The head should move easily from one side to the other.




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