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Parable of the Two Sons (Matthew 21) | Games


Parable of the Two Sons (Matthew 21) - Games


This parable talks about the two sons and encourages us to reassess, to be willing to change your mind, to question our answers. The games therefore link to these key ideas and sprinkled in there is the idea of two, matching two, and counting.





Yes/No – Ask the youngster(s) if they can…(insert action) and have them shout out yes or no then as a single child specifically if they will….(insert action demonstrate or mime). examples – Can you do a star jump? Can you whistle? Can you tidy your room? Saying you can/will and doing are different things.

Pairs – Print this little pairs set and see if you can match them all up and say how they relate to the parable of the two sons. Access the PDF by clicking on the image.

Second answer – a simple guessing game. Hide some small prizes under many cups – there must be more cups. Ask a child to guess how many prizes there are. Turn over 1 cup remove an empty cup. Would they like to change their answer? Talk about how we change our beliefs when new information appears.

Stop/Freeze – This is a great game just to get the wiggles out. Start but shouting out an action (walk, wiggle, hop etc) and let the kids begin to make it their own – give them a few seconds then shout Freeze! Award the most interesting pose with a high five and start again. Talk about how the kids changed the starting instruction to make it their own, how do we change from one viewpoint to another.

Simon says – Use this classic following directions game to link to how the sons did or did not follow the fathers request or their reply.




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