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Peter on water (Matthew 14) | Worksheet

Peter on water (Matthew 14) | Worksheet Peter on water (Matthew 14) | WorksheetThis is a primarily a discussion sheet, it’s got two versions because older and younger children will have different levels of awareness when it comes to life’s dilemmas.

I believe it is a very important activity for this lesson, for the story is not simply a magic trick Jesus was showing to his mates, it was, and it’s a reflection of our trust and courage in him. Start this activity by saying that this discussion is private, and do keep that promise. It is also important that you give the children the option of taking the papers home with them OR handing them in so that you can pray for their needs during the coming week. Try and be discrete but affirming next time you see them, ‘I’ve been praying for you’ is much better than ‘how’s things with your dad?’

Obviously promises must be made in accordance with the churches policy. I would, for instance, with heavy heart but a clear mind, break the promise if a person was in severe mental or physical danger.

The PDF can be downloaded by clicking HERE.


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