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Prayer props – words

Prayer with children can become a very formulaic thing. It’s important to give a space, especially as the child gets older, to allow the child to prayer independently. A simple way of doing this is to occasionally set up a prayer area which has a small task in it.

This is a simple way of getting the children to think about the prayer needs they may anticipate for the coming season or event, or prayer related to a specific word you have been using in your lesson. You could use whatever word you think will spark their imagination or link into their needs.

The image shows four glass candle holders, well spaced, each with an electric or real candle lit inside. around each light a strip of paper had been cut and folded into four sections. On two sections letters have been cut out using a craft knife. The paper has then been mounted on baking paper and finally taped into a tube, which in turn is slipped over the candle holder.

You can then provide stickers for the children. ask them to say a prayer that links to each letter and once they have prayed they can stick the sticker on the letter as a mark of completion.


Eg. Thank you God for White snow, for Insulation that keeps our houses warm, for New toys at Christmas and Travelling relatives who bring them. Please be with those who are suffering after the Earthquake, and the people who are trying to Rescue survivors.




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