FREE Church Ministry Calendar 2024


Are you looking for a calendar to hang on the bulletin board and showcase your church’s ministry? Do you need a way to keep track of church events and ministry opportunities? This calendar is made specifically for you!

In a world of email, mobile messages, and loose pages, nothing beats physically sticking things on walls! Grab this calendar and the bonus extra pages completely free as a gift from JWL to your ministry.


12 Monthly pages with:
Bigger space for Sunday because we’ve all struggled to fit into Sunday’s slot!
A note area on the side to contain the scribbled extras.
Bright colourful JWL illustrations including bible heroes.

Pages that show just Sundays!
This is the true gem of this product. There are 3 versions this year! One blank, one with dates added, and one that features the JWL lesson linked to the lectionary readings for each week.

One size – print using “fit to page”.



Donations this month: target - $ 60

$ 22