Gabriel’s Messages


Follow the angel Gabriel as he meets Zechariah, Mary, Joseph and the shepherds through the classic Christmas bible passages. Help him decode the messages he needs to share though cryptic crafts, build a road that will track your journey, and discover a new printable games each week.

Everything you need for a lesson tailored to your kids. Beautifully presented, clear and easy to follow or adapt.

Lectionary week Year A — Advent 1-4


Each lesson contains:
☛ Single sheet leaders notes condensed to save paper and ink.
   ✏ A telling of the story.
   ✏ A printable game
   ✏ 2 other game suggestions
   ✏ Idea’s on how to use your road pieces.
   ✏ A decoding craft
   ✏ A traditional craft focused on the story
   ✏ A memory verse.
   ✏ A prayer.
   ✏ A quick glance guide to the other pages.

☛ Two full colour printable craft templates.
   ✏ Visual guide to materials you need to gather.
   ✏ Instructions printed on the same page.
   ✏ A photograph of the craft.

☛ Colouring page for the lesson.

☛ Family Study Page
   ✏ Preschool, kids and teen discussions.
   ✏ Prayer card.
   ✏ full bible passage written out.

☛ A family colouring page.

☛ Additional files with craft templates in black and white.

The main pack is 57 pages including covers.
Both A4 and US letter sizes.

© Kate Milosevic: Jesus Without Language. All contents including artwork is original. All rights reserved.



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