Holy Week Daily pack


Travel through the events of Holy week using 5 passages commonly used during this time. There is one page for each day, each features a card holding a short retelling of the event from that day.

The cards are supported by suggestions for games parents could play with their child or the group leader could lead with their youngsters.

Beautifully formatted single daily pages that lead you through Holy Week.

All in one handy package.
Perfect for send home boxes

5 days
5 pages

> Preschool and older kids levelled messages

> 2 game ideas suitable for home or groups

> A creative activity that links to the days’ theme

> Bible verse

> Daily cards that form a garland included each day

> extra page with the cards specifically for preschool.

The pack is 9 pages including covers and available in both A4 and US letter sizes.



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$ 21