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Psalm 107 | Games


Psalm - Games


Psalm 107 is long, but for this lesson we’ve focused on a tiny part of it – what is usually written as the first and fourth paragraph (or pericope for the theology scholars amongst us). These look at gathering and rescuing God’s people and these games echo those ideas.




Shouts of Joy – A naming exercise where you take it in turns naming something you are thankful for, assign it a mime or action and then as a group make the action accompanied by a whoop of joy!
Link: verse 22

‘Stuck in the Mud’ – A classic game where getting tagged freezes you until another player can rescue you. (Also called freeze tag.)
Link: being rescued.

Psalm Beat – Using a small section of words from the Psalm as lyrics, have the youngsters make up a tune or a beat to sing the words. Add percussion instruments and work in pairs.
Link: Psalms were songs sung not read.

Faithful Grip – Each child has a piece of ice they must pass between their hands, never stopping. They lose when they drop the ice. The winner is the last one holding their ice.
Link: Even with all life’s moving parts God never lets us go.




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