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Psalm 22 | Craft roundup


Psalm 22 starts with the cry that one day Jesus will echo on the cross but the end of the psalm comes with joy as ‘all the families’ recognise God and joining together to worship him.

As the three crafts for this lesson are all very simple I’ve popped them all into one post, all focus on the end of the Psalm.

Psalm 22 | Craft roundup


Psalm 22 | Craft roundup Each craft has a single page template printout, you’ll also need scissors, glue, a pencil and some coloured paper, dependant on which craft you choose.

A4 paper template image craft

US letter paper image craft

A4 paper template circle craft

A4 paper template circle craft

A4 paper template hands craft

US letter paper hands craft


Psalm 22 | Craft roundup For the image craft:
Cut out all the parts.
Zigzag fold the people using the dotted lines and where the bodies join.
Fold the glue tabs behind the people.
Add glue and attach the people to the background where shown.


Psalm 22 | Craft roundup For the circle craft:
Cut out the circle.
Fold in half and then in half again, then once more until you can only see the section with the person on.
Cut round the edge of the person, though all the layers of paper.
Open out and you’ll discover a circle of people shapes.
Decorate each as you wish!


Psalm 22 | Craft roundup For the hands craft:
Trace around your hand onto coloured paper – repeat for each member of the family/group.
Cut out the hand-prints.
Layer the hand-prints on the white paper
Cut out the verse and reference from below.
Glue the verse and hand-prints in place.



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