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Psalm - Games


The psalms have been a source of not only lyrics but inspiration for millennia. There are some games and activities you could do when teaching the beginning of Psalm 25.




Dominoes – Use this lessons craft as your game that forms a journey across the table. Print multiple sets if needed. Alternatively use a real dominoes set(s) if you have older children. (picture linked to post)
Link: Following God’s path

Pass the Parcel – Use this classic game of passing a multi-layered parcel around and opening each layer when the music stops.
Link: parcel following a path & what gift we give to God.

Psalm Beat – Using a small section of words from the Psalm as lyrics, have the youngsters make up a tune or a beat to sing the words. Add percussion instruments and work in pairs.
Link: Psalms were songs sung not read.

Blind Directions – A blindfolded child is whispered some instructions (e.g. take 3 steps, turn any direction and repeat). The other children don’t know the instructions and need to stand around the space not moving. The first person reached by the blindfolded participant swaps places
Link: Following God’s path




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