Samson – Manoah (Judges 13)| Craft 3


This is a quick print and assemble craft mobile that can be made with ribbon, string, or even paper-clips as shown. It is great for groups that want to concentrate on the various aspects of the Nazirite promise.


Print out the pdf on as heavy paper / card as your printer can manage. If you only have paper consider backing onto a piece of thicker card, if the card is decorative then that would be even better. You will also need a hole punch, scissors, paper-clips or string, a little glue and possibly some colouring pens or pencils.

For printing in Colour PDF – one page
For printing with no Colour PDF – one page


Colour if needed and then cut round each shape. Each circle needs one hole as does each of the top hanging tabs on the middle piece. Add 6 holes to the middle piece, one on each of the dips.


To hang the circles thread through either string loops or paper-clips. The strings really need to be different lengths for the circles to hang nicely.


Make sure you attach all 6 cicles before you make the middle piece into a ring, it’s much easier this way.


Make the ring, this can be done with a glue dot. Make sure you don’t block the threading hole! Use the 2 threading holes to add either a string or a chain of paper-clips.


Hang your creation and enjoy, when you read more of the story of Samson you will discover which of these rules he managed to keep, if any!




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