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The Shepherd (Luke 2) | Craft 2


As part of this years update the shepherd is getting a new craft to go with the range of musical instruments. If you want something for the nativity scene then why not make these cute and incredible easy signposts.

Open for customisation this craft ties into the shepherds idea of running between witnessing the angles and discovering the baby, but it can also be used for any lesson that includes travelling, from Abraham to the apostle Paul.
The Shepherd (Luke 2) | Craft 2


The Shepherd (Luke 2) | Craft 2 I’ve included a sheet full of direction arrows but you could cut shapes from card, coloured paper, or even use sticks with words written on. You will also need plasticine and something as a post, a lolly or craft stick works well – the tall one is a set of disposable chopsticks.


The Shepherd (Luke 2) | Craft 2 Construction is easy – cut out your signs and run a glue stick along the post to attach. You can use glue dots if you have a round post. Then stick the end in a lump of plasticine.


The Shepherd (Luke 2) | Craft 2 The first page of the PDF includes signs like Nazareth, Bethlehem and the baby. I’ve even included traditional refereed to places like the inn and the stable. These are set out in sets of three for the craft stick approach. The second page is blank signs so the children need to think up which signs may have been there.


The Shepherd (Luke 2) | Craft 2 The end of the first page of the PDF contains an extra 2 sets with these words- just as a bonus!



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