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This is where you’ll find an extra resources that may have made it into the shop products but not onto the main site.

May 2022
The first file for this month is some colouring pages.
They comes from the Beach Breakfast pack which you can find in the shop.
Click on the image to load the big version!

JWL-Beach Breakfast-colouring1JWL-Beach Breakfast-colouring1
JWL-Beach Breakfast-colouring2JWL-Beach Breakfast-colouring2
JWL-Beach Breakfast-colouring3JWL-Beach Breakfast-colouring3


The second offering this month is a game.
Here are two game blank game boards for your kids to design their own church journey game upon.
This is a great time filler activity especially if you find your material hits a bit too old or young for your group.
Remember to include some dice and counters so they can play!



(ps. The game templates are free to use for commercial stuff too!)




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