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The children (Luke 18) | Make


This is a really straightforward pop-up card mechanism that shows Jesus removing the barrier the disciples were proving to be between himself and the children. It features the hero graphics provided with the lesson.

Sadly my printer is behaving strangely so I apologise for the weak looking images.
The children (Luke 18) | Make


The children (Luke 18) | Make To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors, paper glue, and the printout. I printed onto paper but it would really benefit from thin card!

For printing in Colour PDF – 1 page
For printing colour background and outline people PDF – 1 page
For printing everything with No colour PDF – 1 page


The children (Luke 18) | Make Start by adding your colour if needed and cutting out the four pieces. You will get better results if you remove all of the dotted line. The children have an optional white border to make cutting easier.


The children (Luke 18) | Make Fold the support along the lines, it should end up looking like a hook!


The children (Luke 18) | Make The only other fold is on the background. Fold this tab upwards towards the image.



The children (Luke 18) | Make Now to attach the bits all together. I’m starting with the support though the order really doesn’t matter.

Add glue to the box on Jesus and stick the hook end of the support, grey side downwards, onto it.

The children (Luke 18) | Make It’s easier if you attach the front piece first so you can line up the eyes of Jesus!



The children (Luke 18) | Make next stick on the children. You’ll see there is a faint image for you to line up if you find that helpful.



The children (Luke 18) | Make Add glue to the big tab on the background and glue the front piece in place. It’s worth taking a bit of time to make sure this lines up correctly.



The children (Luke 18) | Make No matter which order you’ve chosen the last thing to glue is the second end of the support. Make sure you’ve flattened the support fully and the grey side is facing away from you, then add the glue and close the ‘card’



The children (Luke 18) | Make Open close, remove and recreate the barrier, read the words, imagine the reactions. The children (Luke 18) | Make



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