The hidden value of using colour


The most frequent comments to this site concern colour templates. Some posts have black and white templates, others don’t. While I’m always happy to make up a colourless template if requested, I think we should try to print in colour if possible. Why?…..


number-1 We know, ‘You’re worth it’.
If you were to buy your crafts they would come in colour. Colour is synonymous with worth, and it sends a message of value to the child. It tells them that this is an original, not a photocopy, that this was created for them, and that they are worth the extra. Photocopying has it’s place, but don’t be fooled into thinking that kids and parents don’t notice.

number-2 This resources is worth it
For years I was led to believe colour printing was too expensive. I’d spend a fortune on craft equipment, pens, glue, ribbons, and pipe-cleaners, but not on printing. Finally, I started to do the maths. A colour cartridge (or set) lasts for 100 ink heavy pages on a ink-jet printer or 2000+ on a laser. Buying recycled/refilled ink cartridges makes the price per page surprisingly small.

number-3 Colouring should engage you with the story
If you’ve ever sent a kid home with a half coloured template or watched enthusiastic kids spend an age colouring sides of houses, you may resonate. That is not engagement with the story. If you group loves colouring then give them a colouring page or ask them to draw a picture about the story.

number-4 We value time
Much like the point above, getting kids to do colouring can be a long process, printing in colour gives more time for an extra game, or a longer discussion time, or another craft to explore a different side of the story. The time we have with the youngsters is precious.

number-5 We want this to look good
Call me vain, but when I get my crafts to the stage I can print in colour and make them up I think they look better than the self coloured versions. If we are going to take time creating something let it be the best it can be. Something we are proud to show parents.

I do use white backgrounds and lighter colours when I can.
Investing in a cheap laser printer is well worth the money.
Find a service that can re-fill (and possibly re-chip) your cartridges.
I realised today that I can print 100 pages of colour for the price of a packet of felt tip pens.
+ Paper is easier to recycle than the pen jackets!




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