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The Word (John 1) | Craft 2


This John 1 logos activity is a simple alternative to a craft and can be a used as a logic puzzle. It ties into John 1 where Jesus is described as ‘The Word’ or as John would have written ‘Logos’. I’ve tried to keep the style or lettering that was similar to what may have originally been penned. The Word (John 1) | Craft 2


link to TPT lesson set

The Word (John 1) | Craft 2 To make this craft you will need the 1 page template printout and scissors. You may also want glue to secure your final combination.

A4 paper templates

US letter paper templates


The Word (John 1) | Craft 2 If you have older kids slice the paper so they can’t see the solution and hand out just the odd shaped pieces.
Add some colour if you wish then cut out all the pieces.


The Word (John 1) | Craft 2 The challenge is to reform the puzzle, the easiest way to do this is to reform it on the background as shown


The Word (John 1) | Craft 2 Alternatively reform it separately using the background as a guide.



The Word (John 1) | Craft 2 Make it a touch more difficult by putting the guide piece on a separate table so the youngsters can’t see it constantly.

The hardest level is to simply hand out the pieces and see who can put them together without knowing what the puzzle forms.



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