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As Christmas dawns, and seasonal activities consume increasing amounts of time, JWL is going to do a very slow triple lesson covering the book of Esther and the Jewish celebration of Purim.

Esther‘s story of the great plan to save her people,
braving the king to petition her request.
Mordecai ‘s story of loyalty to Esther, to the King, and to his people.
Xerxes ‘s story of honouring those who have helped you.


Why all at once – I live in an Orthodox country, where Christmas is January 7th and new year after. My family are English, celebrating Christmas and new year our way. Add to that a family tradition of making all your presents and combining these lessons will make it quicker for me to add posts.


NB: For simplicity sake we are going to follow the NIV’s choice of naming the king Xerxes. If you wish for resources that say ‘The King of Persia’ or ‘Achashverosh’ or any other, please let me know.



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