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Woman at the well (John 4) | Worksheet

Woman at the wellWoman at the well 2The woman at the well has lots of symbols but for the worksheets we look closely at just the one – living water. The original (on the left) is really designed for older children, so I’ve made a slightly simplified version for the younger ones. It could be completed individually or by working in small groups.

The worksheet looks more closely at the clues to what ‘living water’ might be meaning, taking 2 old testament passages as a basis. After looking at the passages, there is a series of true and false statements as a story review. The older sheet has a letter based sudoku and the alternative has a colouring activity.

To complete this worksheet the children will need colouring pencils or pens, something to write with and a bible (for older).

The PDF can be downloaded by clicking on the desired image.



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