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Young Jesus (Luke 2) | Craft 2


Layered image crafts are simple and yet lovely keepsake crafts. This one for Young Jesus shows him in the temple talking to the crowd. This moment is really significant, because here Jesus is showing us that while he is still almost 2 decades away from his main ministry time his earthly relationship with God as his father is not something that just develops overnight. Young Jesus (Luke 2) | Craft 2


Young Jesus (Luke 2) | Craft 2 As well as the printout,to make this craft you will need a pair of scissors and some foam spacers. If you can’t find foam spacers try cutting pieces of tick cardboard and using glue-sticks for an almost identical result. You may also need colouring pens if you are printing without colour which is recommended.

For printing in full colour PDF – 1 page
For printing in outline only PDF – 1 page


Young Jesus (Luke 2) | Craft 2 Colour if needed then onto cutting Use a hole punch to start the kids cutting the space in the middle of the frame.


Young Jesus (Luke 2) | Craft 2 This craft will look as good as your cutting skills but is forgiving if you skirt round small details like the indents on the pillars.


Young Jesus (Luke 2) | Craft 2 Add foam spacers (or cardboard pieces) to the back of the large step piece first and position.


Young Jesus (Luke 2) | Craft 2 Next add the small step, this goes at the base not in the middle.


Young Jesus (Luke 2) | Craft 2 Add a spacer to the back of Jesus and put him in the middle of the picture. This will ‘squash’ the top step.


Young Jesus (Luke 2) | Craft 2 Now add the pillars, we do these last so we can move around the Jesus figure more easily.


Young Jesus (Luke 2) | Craft 2 Lastly add spacers to the frame then position. I found it better not to add any spacers to the crowd pieces.



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