Christmas Extras | Craft 2


For the wonderful Carol who requested this on facebook.

This is my little nativity scene. It took me about half an hour to make up from scratch and while it’s not robust enough to store from one year to the next it is rather darling.


The angels come from this craft and my roof was the inside of a cookie packet. The other characters are on this one page PDF printout, and for them you will need a sheet of acetate, a stapler and a glue stick. Print onto regular paper and cut round the characters.


Take the sheet of acetate and cut into 2 pieces lengthways. One half will be used for the walls the other half will be used for the characters.

The characters stand up using a rectangle of acetate rolled into a tube and stapled.


There should be enough acetate in one sheet for all your characters. Try and put the staple where it won’t be seen and attach the paper to the acetate using a glue stick.


To form the building take the second half of the acetate and cut in lengthways again. Fold these pieces into 4 sections creasing well. Overlap the 2 end sections and secure either with a stapler or using sticky tape over the edges if they will be very visible. Rest the roof on the top (I used a bit of sticky tape at the top so it kept it’s shape).


Arrange your characters wherever you wish, if you want to rest an Angel on the rooftop you may want to add a concertina piece of paper for it to stand on. As you can see we added a string of lights and a star in the sky! (sadly i only had red lights left for the photo’s but blue replaced them later on)


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