Nicodemus (John 3) | Craft 2

Nicodemus spinning scene craft

This craft is another alternative to the traditional butterfly idea that often accompanies this lesson. It looks at the life of Nicodemus, as displayed in John’s Gospel. The composition is simple for this craft, though the cutting is not too forgiving and if you have younger children you may want to pre-cut in part.

This style of craft is also available for the story of the woman at the well and the events of Easter.

Nicodemus spinning scene craft setup

You will also need the 2-page template, a glue stick, and scissors. You may want a sheet of card or paper plate to secure the base. The printout contains condensed instructions and illustrations to help you.

It is recommended you print in greyscale if you cannot print in colour.

Nicodemus spinning scene craft characters

Cut around all the shapes, and fold the supporting tabs. You may want to leave a border for the characters as they can be fiddly – alternatively print on plastic or acetate. As you can see, the tabs don’t need to be flush with the end of the characters.

Nicodemus spinning scene craft tabs

The tabs for the backdrops go in opposite directions, the middle ones fold backwards and the edge ones forward. These tabs support the structure and, though only one set is needed, both make it sturdy.

Nicodemus spinning scene craft backdrop

Start by making the standing structure. Add glue to the end of the backdrops (above the end tabs) and glue them together.

Nicodemus spinning scene craft base

Apply glue to the supporting tabs and, using the preprinted lines as a rough guide, stick the backdrops in place. It is easier to stick the outside tabs first. Use a pen or scissors handle to smooth down and secure the central tabs.

Nicodemus spinning scene craft construct

Taking each character, or object, make sure the tab is folded cleanly and apply glue.

Nicodemus spinning scene craft nighttime

The pebbles accompany the nighttime image.

Nicodemus spinning scene craft tomb

The tombstone and grass go with the tomb picture.

Nicodemus spinning scene craft temple

The extra people go inside the temple.

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