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Woman at the well (John 4) | Make 1


I received an E-mail from the wonderful Jan who had taken the craft for Nicodemus and made it up for the woman at the well story. Little did I realise how much work she must have done to pull this off, but as requested I made up a version for her too with the full graphics and hero.

This craft is much less restrictive than the Nicodemus one, it has the three scenes, but no words. Instead there is space for you to make your own signs or write on the ground. If you want specific words / Bible verses I would suggest you print them in advance.
Woman at the well (John 4) | Make 1


Woman at the well (John 4) | Make 1 All you need to make this craft is a pair of scissors, glue, and two pages of the printout. Do not allow your printer to stretch the template. There are 3 pages to the PDF, the third page has the characters in black and white for those saving ink or with groups who love colouring.

For printing in Colour & No colour PDF – 2 pages colour, 1 page outline (3 total)



Woman at the well (John 4) | Make 1 Start by cutting out everything, be careful to completely cut out the black slits for the well. Making these wide will help the well sit in place more smoothly.


Woman at the well (John 4) | Make 1 This really is very easy to construct. Fold the small rectangular glue tabs forward and then simply glue the sides together up to the slits for the well. The well itself has a glue tab to show it’s size and should easily slip into the slits cut.


Attach to the base using the lines as a position guide. The character tabs do not need to be folded flush and are then glued onto the base anywhere in the correct section. The 2 crowd parts go with the houses, the woman is alone at the well, and the three disciples (Simon Peter with black hair, James and John looking more Jewish) are with the wheat field.


Woman at the well (John 4) | Make 1 Woman at the well (John 4) | Make 1 Woman at the well (John 4) | Make 1


Woman at the well (John 4) | Make 1 Finally add any text you wish. I left this blank because many people like to add Bible text to crafts, others prefer the children to have it in their own words. Stick the text to the ground or add a tab and have it standing up as I have.

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28 responses to “Woman at the well (John 4) | Make 1”

  1. gilmara says:

    estou amando esse site , trabalho com ministerio infantil e sou voluntaria no hospital uso muito material .Deus abenรงoe sua vida

  2. Ariel Lohberger says:

    Please check your donation link. I couldn’t get it to activate, either by PayPal or by card. It wouldn’t allow me to enter an amount. But I tried!

    • Kate says:

      Firstly, thank you for trying, I’m really grateful.
      They have changed it slightly but it seems to be working here ๐Ÿ™
      You can no longer select the number, you just need to start typing numbers and they appear, it’s not very intuitive but I sadly can’t change their system.

  3. Dionne says:

    I absolutely love this. Do you anything similar for the crucifixion story?

    • Kate says:

      I’ve not got one yet but it’s a great idea. Perhaps I can rush one out this week? Will e-mail you if I manage it!

      • Kate says:

        all ready to publish the Easter one this Friday (that’s done now). keep an eye on the facebook page for a preview and updates. Find the new craft on the make page!

  4. Helen Watson says:

    Really enjoyed making this craft for our Sunday School. The children are going to enjoy making their own. You have a great site with so much inspiration.Thank you

  5. Catherine McVey says:

    Hi there. Have tried several times to print this amazing resource for my sunday school kids this week and its giving me a forbidden error type message. Can you help please?! ๐Ÿ™

    • Kate says:

      send e-mail in response to this. We are still trying to work out why some people get forbidden errors but in the meantime I’m happy to e-mail any files people can’t access.

  6. I’m ateacing this Wed night and I can not get the lesson to print out for me. I have the PDF downloaded but can’t find where to print out the lesson template. thank you

  7. Rwongrey says:

    This turned out great

  8. Shona says:

    This is great – thanks so much! I’ll be using it tomorrow with my 4 and 5 year olds in Olivos, Argentina.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Unable to locate pdf for this craft.
    Thank you

  10. Anne-Lore says:

    Love this idea! Where can I find the PDF files to download?

  11. Rebecca Smith says:

    I saw the Nicodemus one before and was thrilled to find the woman at the well craft. I am teaching this next week and plan to use this to teach the story. I love it! Thank you for sharing.

  12. Tatiana says:

    Thank you so very much, these are wonderful!

  13. Clare says:

    Hi, These are great but where is the “Hero Printable” of Jesus?

    • Kate says:

      Hi Clare, I’m sorry but there was not a Jesus hero image. People have used other characters to represent him, Joseph, Paul, and Aquilla have been used in the past, all of their graphics can be found on their hero page. Alternatively, any of the people from the Nicodemus spinning craft would already be in proportion.

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