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The hero in this story is Abigail, a lesson known bible character who stops the future king David from acting out of anger and attacking a household who would not give help. Abigail’s strength is conflict resolution and mediation.
ppdsToday’s game come from a pdf of Co-operative games in the primary school made by PPDS. for the full booklet click on the image.


Frogs and lily pads – Divide the children into groups of three and give each group three vinyl spots or hula-hoops. In each group there must be one ‘frog’ and two ‘tadpoles’. The objective is to get the frog from one side of the hall to the other, however the frog can only step on the spots or cross and the spots can only be moved by the tadpoles. Teacher can act as the ‘Pond Police’ making sure that no frog steps off the lily pads. (link into the servant taking food, and the idea that sometimes we need someone to help us move forward)

The great big hop – Ask the children to hop around the space. If a child makes contact with another child they must stay together hopping at the same time. Soon groups of hopping children contact each other and join to form a larger hopping group. Finally all the group are hopping as one group, creating the ‘Great big hop’.(link into the idea that sometimes we start in opposite directions but with work we can agree)

Farmyard – The players stand in a large circle and choose a number of animals. These animals should be divided as equally as possible among the group. With eyes closed the players should walk about and find their own kind by making the appropriate sound, eg, ‘baa’ ‘meow’ etc. When two animals of same kind come across each other they should hold hands and find others of their kind until the group is complete. (can be made harder by using obscure animals, especially those that make no noise and so actions must be used. Link into the idea that we must sometimes journey with wisdom to solve a problem)

Hoop circle – Ask the children to hold hands in a circle with a hoop hanging on each pair of joined hands. The children try to move the hoop around the circle without releasing their hands.
(link into the idea of the the actions of Nabal having consequences)





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