Abigail (1 Samuel 25) | Story

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Abigail is today’s Bible hero because he showed us the gift of Mediation

Essential Teachers notes:
Abigail’s real skill is conflict resolution and so we are giving her the very grown up gift of mediation. While Abigail’s story is not so well known the life lessons from this passage are very relevant to the everyday struggles both children and adults face with the world. If you are not familiar with the story of abigail then you may want to read the short bible passage first and / or reading a bit behind her character online somewhere like preachersfiles. You may also have to explain / discuss the word mediation with the children.

Main Passage : 1 Samuel 25


Have you ever helped a friend and then they have not helped you? Did you have an argument? Did somebody help you make friends again? Today’s story is about a wise woman called Abigail, and she stopped a really bad argument from causing lots of trouble.

A long time ago there was a man called David, God promised David he would be king one day. David had an army, and his army got really hungry so David started to wonder where he could get some food. He remembered that he had camped with some shepherds and the shepherds worked for a very rich man called Nabal. Perhaps Nabal could send David’s men some food?

David called a few men and told them to go and find Nabal’s house. They were to send the message that David needed a lot of food to feed his men, and remind Nabal that David had protected his shepherds when they camped with them. So his men went, but when they got back they had no food.

David called his men to find out what had happened, and the men said that Nabal had told them “no way, get lost, I don’t need to feed David’s men, that’s not my problem!” David was really angry, he told his army to sharpen their swords, he was going to go find this Nabal and take all the food he wanted, even if he had to kill Nabal!

At Nabal’s house one of the servants had heard what Nabel had said to David’s men. The servant was scared and so went to find Nabal’s wife Abigail. Abigail was wise, she knew that Nabal had been rude to David’s men, and she knew that one day God had said David would be king. She didn’t have much time but she ordered all the servants to find her food, as much food as they could find, more food than David had asked for. Then she found her donkey and left without telling her husband, riding towards where David and the army was camped.

David’s soldiers were ready, they wanted to fight and kill and find a lot of nice food to fill their tummies. But as they left camp they saw a beautiful woman riding a donkey, behind her was a lot of servants. Every servant carried food, lots and lots and lots of food. The woman rode straight up to David, got off her donkey and knelt at his feet.

“I’m sorry to disturb you Lord” said Abigail, “please don’t listen to Nabal, his name means fool and all his words are foolish. I did not see your men but I bring them food for I am sure they must be hungry. Please do not attack my family, do not act in anger, when you are king you will know you acted wisely and did not kill because of one man’s stupid words, let God judge Nabal for his stupidity”

David looked at Abigail, she was right, he had been angry and attacking her family would be wrong. David told the men to put their swords away and go back to camp. He thanked Abigail for the food and for stopping him from making a mistake.

Abigail went home and found Nabal having a big party, she waited until all the guests were gone and then told him what she had done. Nabal didn’t say anything, his heart failed and he couldn’t move. 10 days later David heard that Nabal was dead, he thought of the beautiful and wise Abigail and went to ask her if she would be his wife.

Abigail is today’s Bible hero because he showed us the gift of Mediation



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