Abram (Genesis 12) | Craft 1


Abram’s story is a basic ABC tale, of Action inspired by Belief after Contact with God. It’s simplicity and lack of complication leaves us with a story to ponder. For that reason I’ve left this craft simple, leaving room for discussion as you work together. If you have a small group why not make one large image?


To make this leaving image you’ll need just 3 graphics per child. The PDF printout holds a page with many. You’ll also need a selection of papers, some pencil crayons and a glue stick.


Choose your background. I used a blue envelope so 1 could store the rest of the lessons papers inside. The ground papers can be brown or green or yellow, here there are 3 but you could use more.


Cut the lightest paper first and stick in place. The shape doesn’t really matter. I chose to leave a border but that’s totally optional and can cause issues if the papers are different widths.


Cut and stick the next paper. If possible make one side higher than the last paper so it breaks the horizon line..


Keep adding layers until you are happy. As I only used 3 this was my final layer.


Now add the set pieces from the printout. The 3 characters, the crowd of their household, and the small town to stick to one side.While the crowd is optional it’s important to remind the children that Abram wasn’t alone and his decision affected more than just him.


Lastly add details with pencil crayon or using cut paper. examples include: a message, a sun, a signpost, clouds, dust from the crowd, trees or cactus, pathways etc.




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