Attributes of God (Watching) | Games


God is always watching us, for some that is a scary thought but the comforting element is what we need to stress throughout this lesson


Hidden eyes – ideally you would use ping pong balls with the iris drawn on for this game which grosses hide the thimble with hide and seek, but in reality circles of paper or anything that could represent eyes will work.

Blind man’s buff – This traditional game links in more aptly than may seem at first glance, it opens the conversation to how secure you feel when you seem to be in some way alone.

In the darkness – designed for younger children this is a game akin to hide and seek but much simpler. Build a den or simply move furniture to create a dark space in the room. have the children more from the light to the dark. Regularly ask the children who they can see from their position, reminding them there is more than they can see. You could add torches and turn the den into your story room when finished.

Colour exclusion – If you haven’t already used the colour exclusion activity linked to the Zacchaeus lesson then this would be a lovely lesson to use it in. find out all about this activity HERE


Replace the missing piece – Print some photo images. Remove one or more small sections from each image and stick it onto a piece of card. Write a letter on the cards with sections and number each large image. The object of the game is to match the letters and numbers. if you want to give your children a reason to move stick these around the room and make it a timed activity, this will encourage movement. (pictured)





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