Attributes of God (Watching) | Story

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Today we are looking at the ultimate hero, God. (note, if you wish to differentiate between God the father and Jesus then you may want to insert ‘part of’ into that sentence)

Essential Teachers notes:
God is always watching us, for some that is a scary thought but the comforting element is what we need to stress throughout this lesson.
Main Passage: Proverbs 15 :3

As this is a verse following a biblical theme rather than a story I’ve not used a specific bible story. The story below is a true event that happened to myself and my friend. If you have a similar story to share then do. Being real to your kids rather than reading a book helps make Christianity live in their imaginations.

tell this story or a similar one of your choice

Sometimes we forget that God is with us, but his special book, the bible, tells us he is always with us, he is watching over us. The book of proverbs tells us “The eyes of the LORD are everywhere, keeping watch ”
Look around you. What can you see. Can you see the people in the other room? No. Can you see your bed? No. there are lots of things we can’t see from where we are. But God can see them, and he can see us too. Isn’t that amazing.

One day Kate was on holiday with her friend. They went for a walk into the hills to see some ruins. After a while they decided to head home, it was still early in the afternoon, so they chose to take a new path. The sign said it would lead them back to town, but before long Kate realised they were very lost. Kate and her friend walked for hours, every time they found a signpost it didn’t say the name of their town. Eventually the sun started to go down. Kate’s friend rang the only person they knew in town and told them them they were lost in the hills, giving them as much information as possible. The friend told the police, but the police said they couldn’t help. So he went and called his friend who knew the hills very well, his friend brought his brother and the three men started to search for Kate and her friend. In the woods Kate and her friend built a fire to keep warm, and they felt very, very alone.

Then Kate remembered that they weren’t alone. God was there. God had been with us all day. So she prayed. She prayed that God would keep them safe from the wild animals. She prayed that God would help those searching to find us, even though Kate didn’t really know how to describe where they were. She prayed that the people searching would keep going, be safe, and hear them when we called. Most of all she prayed that God would help them not get too scared.
Kate and her friend sat by the fire and talked about God for a long time that night. They heard a lot of animals but we didn’t see any. After many hours searching the men heard them shouting. The search party were amazed. They told Kate and her friend that it had taken 3 days to find the last person who had been lost this far away from town. Kate knew God had taken care of her, he promised to be there and he had never left them.

Day and night God is watching us, he loves us far too much to ever leave.



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