Bartimaeus (Mark 10) | Craft 1


Bartimaeus has 4 main elements to his story and this little flipbook tries to reveal 3 of them, sadly it can’t shout. His blindness is healed, he leaves his cloak and goes with Jesus. It’s a great craft for mid to older groups that like fast results with minimum work and makes a fun take home keepsake.


All you need to make this craft is a pair of scissors, a bulldog or binder clip, and two pages of the printout. This printout works well in black and white if you don’t have colour ink.

For printing in Colour PDF – 1 page


A binder clip is one that looks like this :


Start by cutting out every box. Try and be accurate, younger children may find this activity too difficult if they can’t cut straight. If you are worried about cutting then pre-cut into strips along the flip edge (to the image right).


Next assemble your 32 images. Make sure they are in the right order and then gently tap the pile on the flip edge to make sure they are all going to flip!

The pictures are not numbered, you can add numbers if you think it will help or get the kids to work out the animation order – it’s easier to do than you may be imagining.


Holding the papers securely (so you don’t move them) attach a binder clip to the left hand side. You may find you have to repeat this step.


The flipbook is complete. Hold the left side firmly and flip using your right thumb.

To get the best view look from an angle and flip slowly. If you find you only see part of the animation then you probably haven’t lined up the edges well. Below is how the animation should look.

You may find yourself with a group who loves the challenge of adding some scenery to the flip book!





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