Be Quiet – Unclean spirit (Mark 1) | Craft 2


There is a moment in this weeks story where the unclean spirit responds to Jesus’ words. It comes in Verse 26 where it is written “The impure spirit shook the man violently and came out of him with a shriek.” It’s one of those details that kids acting out the story will grab onto, a physical movement that puts life into the account. This craft captures this moment with a rolling papercraft mechanism.

ps. I know it looks like it won’t work, I had the same doubts, so I’ve added a short video clip at the end to show it in action!


To make this craft you will need the 1 page template printout, scissors, and glue.

A4 paper templates

US letter paper templates


Cut out the big shape and roughly cut around the calm man.


Glue the calm man directly behind the wild one on the reverse side of the paper. (doesn’t need to be exact at all)


Turn your creation over again. Working from the top, fold each rectangle down towards you so they roll around each other (forming a counter weight).


Mountain fold along the two dotted lines. You are aiming for them to form right angles.


Stand the man up with the angry side facing you, let go and he should be thrown to the floor and land with the calm man face upwards. There is a video of this in action HERE




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