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Be Quiet – Unclean spirit (Mark 1) | Games


Be Quiet – Unclean spirit (Mark 1) - Games


Interruptions during worship are something we may be far too familiar with. In this passage from Mark 1, where a man with an impure spirit interrupts, Jesus is very much to the point commanding him to ‘be quiet’. These games play on the ideas of interruptions, sounds, identity and authority.




What’s that noise – have your child(ren) identify various sounds. Keep it simple and make the sounds yourself, farm animals, vehicles, sirens etc. Alternatively search online for “guess the sound” videos.
Link to : Jesus saying “Be quiet!”

That looks like a… – Take a large envelope and cut a small hole in the face (a hole punch will do this neatly, don’t worry about having holes on both sides). Slip a picture into the envelope and give it to the children to identify. The children can move the picture about but not open the envelope
Link to : The impure spirit recognised Jesus

Authority says – Play the traditional game of ‘Simon says’ where the child copies the direction as long as ‘Simon’ gave it. Use the term ‘authority’ in place of the name Simon.
Link to : other teachers told people about God but Jesus had authority to his teaching.

Interrupted – A simple storytelling activity where you start a story and stop in the middle of a sentence, the next person then needs to complete your sentence and let their next sentence be interrupted. With younger children you can give each child 7 words each.
Link to : the man interrupting the gathering with his message instead of Jesus’ teachings.




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