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Cain and Abel (Genesis 4) | Craft 1


This craft is also the talk, it tells the story of Cain’s family but in a small book format they can take home and read themselves or have an adult read it to them. Cain and Abel (Genesis 4) | Craft 1

Cain and Abel (Genesis 4) | Craft 1 Print the PDF onto paper. There are 2 pages and they need to be printed back to back with the top of one page behind the top of the other page.

Remind the children of the story they have heard and say they will now make a book to take the story home with them.


Cain and Abel (Genesis 4) | Craft 1 One side of the paper should have dotted cutting lines. Cut only where the line indicate. Lightly fold the paper to cut the middle slits. Place the identically cut pages together with the front cover and the back page facing you. Fold each piece where the pages join.


Cain and Abel (Genesis 4) | Craft 1 Lightly bend the edges of the front cover pieces to create a tab to pass through the hole in the back page pieces.


Cain and Abel (Genesis 4) | Craft 1 flatten the book and let each child colour the relevant illustrations as you retell the story.

EDIT : some people have had a little difficulty with this so if you are one here are some tips.
1. Make sure the pages are printed so the writing is the right way up on both sides
2. Fold every ‘page’ along the middle before you construct – the scissors always are on the inside of the fold.
3. When putting the sheets together use the fold to help know which way to place the sheet.
4. The back cover is the page with the instructions.
5. this craft is also the talk post – read the story there to check your order if you feel the need.



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11 responses to “Cain and Abel (Genesis 4) | Craft 1”

  1. Completely confusing. I tried but does not work. Disappointed with results. I will have to find a craft somewhere else. Also, I hate the graphics.

    • And disappointed that you make people purchase your stuff when it isn’t all that good/nice.

      (Adding to my comment)

      • Hi Grace.
        I’m so sorry that you have found this craft difficult and disliked the graphics – personally I love my little heroes but I suppose that’s a matter of taste. There are many extra notes and even images in the comments to help people who have struggled with this one.

        However, the craft is freely given, I’ve asked for no payment from you, or anyone. My work takes many hours, it costs me much more than I receive in donations… and they are donations, I always, always offer a refund if the donation was made in error.

        I’m honestly rather hurt by your words.

  2. I’ve worked an hour trying to put this together. I cannot get the pages in order. I’ve done it every way possible. If we had page numbers OR if we could see the entire story (a single typed page) in order, it would help tremendously! I love, love, love your things, but this one has me stumped. I’m going to have to abandon it. Makes me sad as it is super cute and fun!

    • Hi Tammy, I reprinted and made this craft today and then added some instructions to the page – I hope that helps you or others who come in the future.

  3. As a non-native speaker I find the instruction in English challenging sometimes… Then I do this thing of reading them twice, and I do recommend it. This craft is quite easy and I LOVE the fact that if you have pattern printed you don’t need anything else but scissors and hands. If you know that: 1. this is a book, 2. you don’t use glue or stapler to connect the pages, 3. picture above shows practically and in scheme that pages should be connected, it’s quite easy to see that half of pages have a hole to be made in-between double pages, and the other half should be slightly bent and slit through. The only way I see this could be made easier is by adding page numbers, and maybe giving extra attention that dotted lines meant to be cut are not only on the outsides of our mini-book pages. But than again, children like thinking and using their brains, and they feel so proud when they find solution on their own. Maybe we could try it too 😉 Anyway, thanks for showing me new way to connect a mini-book, I wish I knew this when I was a child. I will teach some kids how to do this definitely!

  4. This is the most difficult craft I have ever seen in my ENTIRE life. Y’all need to make it easier.

    • I’m truly not sure if you are being sarcastic or genuinely struggling. I’d be happy to take suggestions if it really is proving difficult.

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