Cain and Abel (Genesis 4) | Games


Cain is both the hero and protagonist of this story and we are concentrating on him. These games therefore are supposed to lead to conversations of consequences, protection, and grace.

Under the flag – Take as large a flag as possible for this activity, a sheet connected to a broom handle with safety pins will suffice. Have the children stand in a circle around the flag bearer. wave the flag above their heads, slowly get lower and lower, then higher and higher. If the flag touches you then you are out.

Marble run – give each participant a tube, cardboard, pod noodle, taped paper etc. the idea is that the children transport a marble safely through the various tubes. Either round a circle or with fewer children across a room.

increase your offering – the aim of this game is to collect 6 red tokens. You can use anything for tokens but you will need a plentiful supply of both red and blue tokens. You can set any tasks you wish to allow children to earn and lose tokens. They can swap 3 blue tokens for one red and steal blue tokens from other people by making them laugh. Don’t tell the kids, but one adult in the room will the the grace adult, if you offer this adult any token they will quietly give you 2 red ones.

Consequences – Most older children know this game where you each write just one part of the story and then slowly fold down the paper so the next person can’t see. They most basic layout usually goes : name 1 met name 2 location what happened What the consequence was.





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