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The thankful leper (Luke 17) | Character Images


Here are the images you need for the hero’s attributes linked to The Thankful Leper (Luke 17)
The images are displayed small here, click on the image you wish to have, then save the image that loads.



The thankful leper (Luke 17) | Character Images The thankful leper (Luke 17) | Character Images




The thankful leper (Luke 17) | Character Images The thankful leper (Luke 17) | Character Images


The thankful leper (Luke 17) | Craft

 The thankful leper (Luke 17) | Craft
The lepar being healed is only one part of the story, the saying thank you is the point that the children need to take home, but for the craft we focus on the visual transformation.
The thankful leper (Luke 17) | Craft
This craft can be made 3 ways, dependant on your resources. Images for craft at end of post.

First option : lamination

Print out on paper one copy of the hero image for reference. Print image 1 (healed leper) onto paper or card and laminate. Hand out dry markers / chalk markers / felt tips, or whatever you are using. Get the children to draw the sores on their laminated leper. During prayer time explain that no matter what marks us, Jesus has the power to make us clean, just like he healed the leper. Give the children wet-wipes and let them wipe their images clean. If there is time left let them play decorating and redecorating their craft.

Second option : Spinners

Print out both images on card, or back images on card stock. Stick the images back to back taking care to line up the positions. Punch a hole at the left and right hand side of the images. Use string or wool to make 2 loops and attach to the holes. Holding on loop on each hand, spin / wind the image by spinning in a circle. Pull the threads to see the spots appear on the leper, when you stop they disappear. …continue reading

The thankful leper (Luke 17) | Story

The thankful leper (Luke 17) | StoryIf you want the teacher sheet then click HERE

The thankful Lepar is today’s Bible hero because he showed us gratitude.

Essential Teachers notes:
Thankfulness is a often a cultural thing, some children are brought up in environments where being thankful is a mark of politeness, others may rarely hear people express thanks and it may be seen as a chore to do so.
Main Passage: Luke 17


Today we don’t know the name of our hero, we know he was a man and that he lived just outside a village. Would you like to give him a name? (use this name replacing the N throughout the story)

N had a disease, it’s a disease that people still suffer from today. It’s called leprosy. The disease affects peoples skin, they get red patches on their skin and it makes it hard to feel things. Sometimes they can lose all feeling in an arm or a leg. It’s not a very nice thing to look at.

People in Jesus time were afraid of leprosy, they wouldn’t let people with the disease live in the village, town or city, they couldn’t live with their families. They had to set up a camp a distance away from everybody else, friends and family may leave food for them but nobody would go near them, they were too afraid of catching leprosy.

…continue reading

The thankful leper (Luke 17) | Games


The play section for the story of the 10 lepers is a great chance to reinforce counting activities or play maths based games.


The thankful leper (Luke 17) | GamesThe thankful leper (Luke 17) | GamesThe thankful leper (Luke 17) | GamesThe thankful leper (Luke 17) | Games

group balance – write some large numbers of a set of cards and shuffle them. Gather the children together and explain that the first number is the number of people in a group and the second number is the number of hands or feet to be touching the floor. The group then gathers and works out how to balance with the number given. having a limited amount of room by using a hula hoop can make this exercise harder for older children. small groups can just use the second number.

The thankful leper (Luke 17) | GamesThe thankful leper (Luke 17) | GamesThe thankful leper (Luke 17) | GamesThe thankful leper (Luke 17) | Games

Musical chairs – I think more than half of the lessons on this story have suggested this game, it links in so well and it’s a firm favourite. Old favourites are often reassuring to younger or new children. If you have a small number of children why not get them to share something that happened to them that week when they are the last person standing, make sure you thank them and then return to the game.
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