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Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 1


This paper craft of the Centurions servant being healed used a little flip to expand the scene. It shows how the centurion doesn’t leave the room and yet conveys his faith through messengers to Jesus – pictured through the window outside. It’s a perfect craft for groups who love coloring or those with really really limited time. It’s also a lovely craft for younger groups to assemble as it goes together like a 2 piece jigsaw. Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 1


Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 1 To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors, a glue stick, and a craft knife. This craft works well printed on standard paper but even better printed on thicker paper or card,
Choose your template:

For printing in full colour (for those with less time) PDF – 1 page
For printing with no colour (for those like colouring) PDF – 1 page


Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 1 I’d strongly recommend preparing the slit in advance. Us ea craft knife to make a square bracket shape where the double lines are drawn.


Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 1 Cut out both shapes.


Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 1 Taking the larger piece fold along the vertical lines. These are marked with small valley and mountain icons to show which direction they go.


Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 1 Once folded you’ll see how the middle section covers the picture.


Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 1 Carefully glue the missing picture piece into position

If you need to add colour now is the time to do so. Take special care to use the same colours for the centurion.
Tip : colour the image all folded first!


Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 1 Talk with the youngsters about the various items and people, in and outside the centurions house. Start with the folded image and then have them open the image and describe what is happening.



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  1. Hi Kate hopw you are well. I am organising this months Messy Church and was wondering if you would be able to send me the pdf for the Jesus heals the Centurion Servant craft. As you can imagine being a Church our funds are very limited so everything we do has to be a free activity for our community. If you would be able to send this I would be very grateful if you can’t we obviously understand. Kind regards

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