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Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 2


These felt finger puppets are just adorable to play with and have so many uses. Get the older children to make their own and set up a stage to tell the story or use them as your own story props, very young groups will also appreciate them for free play time.

Disclosure : I am posting this anyhow by request. Craft felt is hard to source in my location so I used a mixture of thicknesses and scraps.
Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 2


Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 2 To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors, coloured felt, a glue stick, a black pen, the pattern printout, and either sewing thread and needle or a hot glue gun.

For printing with no colour PDF – 1 page


Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 2 Cut out your pattern pieces.
Lightly glue each piece onto the felt in the colour chosen then cut out.
Remove the template piece when done cutting.


Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 2 Once you have all the pieces for a character you can start attaching them together.


Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 2 Sew or hot glue the body.
To make the centurion you must sandwich the headpiece into the body as shown.

Tip – don’t want to give your kids hot glue or needles, pre-make the craft to this point.


Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 2 When making the centurion you must stop at this point and finish the helmet by cutting the plume into a fringe.


Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 2 Add the face, hair and any other decoration.
While you could use hot glue or thread for this it will also work with a standard glue stick.


Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Craft 2 If you wish, add two dots for the eyes using a black pen.
The pattern contains a centurion, Jesus, a servant and a Jewish elder.



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