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Christ the King (John 18) | Games


Christ the King (John 18) Games


Kingship is quite a simple concept to describe to children on one level. It’s the idea that one person has the authority to make decisions for others. Like so many thinkgs Jesus turns this Kingship idea on it’s head. By the time we reach the passage with Pilate it certainly doesn’t feel a very kingly setting. Jesus is seen at one of the weakest moments, he’s arrested, questioned like a criminal , and about to be sentenced to die by the brutal execution process of crucifixion. It may seem tempting to act out this passage but playing the role of one who thought they had authority over Jesus, or Jesus himself is a lot for anyone to take on. These games skit the passage, look at it sideways and spark conversations.




Who am I? – Also known as the Sticky Note game. Write the name of someone the child will know and stick it to their forehead. The child then has to guess who they are by asking questions that can only be answered with a yes or no.
Link: Pilate was trying to work out who Jesus was.

Sticky crowns – Give each team one hat and one roll of sticky tape. The “crown” must be worn by one player. The aim is to attach as many different things to the crown as possible. At the end of the game, each king or queen must walk a full circle of the room before the teams are scored.
Link: Jesus’s crown was unexpected for a king.


Card circles – Mix up one suit from a pack of playing cards and have the children make a circle so each card gets progressively bigger–aces beat kings but are beaten by 2s–either as a timed race or by giving each child a card and standing in a circle.
Link: The Sunday of “Christ the King” is the last Sunday in the Church year forming a circle that never ends.




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